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Scenic countryside, windmills of Holland and Mount Fuji (mainland Japan) in the background.

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Content Management System   (By: admin)

Welcome to Spectra

This is the main site for everything related to Spectra CMS

NOTE: Spectra is still in partial open Beta testing.  Once that's finished I will correct anything found and then Spectra CMS will be offered to those who want to try it and hopefully provide their opinions in the Community area.

Spectra CMS is highly configurable, responsive/fluid in action, and a brand new Content Management System. It is written in PHP8, HTML5, javascript, and CSS3 with MySQL support that will allow its users to create attractive websites that are easy to manage.

With the ability to create as many pages as you want or need, you will be able to design each page to be different from the others. Using the powerful page builder/editor you can add sidebars, turn on plugins, decide how many columns to use, and much more.

When released, Spectra will come packaged with 5 themes that you can edit and you can also use the powerful theme builder to build as many themes as you want.

Partial Open Beta Testing
(By: papamike .. Date:2021-07-01 12:28:38)

I am really fortunate to have Bri as my lead beta tester. She has been around the web for years and has already been using the early beta version of Spectra.  She is extremely knowledgeable and I trust and value her opinion. She has given me a lot of information that will help shape the future of Spectra.

Alpha Testing of Spectra CMS
(By: admin .. Date:2021-06-17 05:45:49)   

The alpha testing phase for Spectra ended on 3-29-2021 with some really good results.

Next to come is a Closed Beta testing phase which will come within the next 2 months (hopefully). During the Closed Beta, the primary focus will be on security. More to come on this phase. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Closed Beta team and also the future overall development of Spectra CMS Go Here.

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