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This is the demo site for Spectra Content Management System

Spectra CMS is currently in beta testing.  If you are interested, register here to become a member then use the contact form (located in the members account area) to request to be a beta tester.

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Spectra CMS

Spectra CMS

Spectra CMS is highly configurable and flexible, responsive/fluid in action, and a brand new Content Management System not a fork. It is written in PHP8, HTML5, and CSS3 with MySQL support that will allow it's users to create attractive websites that are easy to manage. You can have a website that has a 1, 2, or 3 column layout or choose from several styles.

Spectra has been designed to be extremely user friendly without skimping on assets.  With the ability to create as many pages as you want or need, you will be able to design each page to be different from the others using the powerful page builder/editor. You can aslo add sidebars, turn on plugins and modules, decide how many columns or which styles to use, and much more.

When released, Spectra will come packaged with 5 themes that you can edit and you can also use the powerful theme builder to build as many themes as you want.  Building themes is a breeze and once you get familiar with the settings you will be able to build a really nice theme under 5 minutes.

I wanted to be able to offer a CMS that doesn't need a FTP client or any other source outside of Spectra to design and manage a website.  Once Spectra is installed you will be able to full manage and build your site from within the designers dashboard.

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Spectra Gallery

Spectra Gallery Has Been Released for Public Consumption


Spectra Gallery is out there and is full of features. See it in action. Some of the things that will be packaged with Spectra Gallery are:

- Fluid/responsive layout

- Written in PHP 8, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and with MySQL database support. 

- Easy installation .. simply upload Spectra Gallery onto your server, create your database, open config.php and enter the database credentials then go to your homepage and the install will start automatically.

- New member registration

- Members account panel

- Administration dashboard

- Database tools (backup database, optimize, restore)

- Manage member accounts

- Designers dashboard to manage the overall galleries and website

- Supports social media

- Build an unlimited number of pages

- Intro page (this one)

- Automated menu system

- Build an unlimited number of galleries

- Configure the album

- Style the image holders

- Complete control over creating and managing galleries

- Build new ones, edit existing ones and delete those not needed

- Full CKEditor integration

- Full image upload and editing tools

- Contact form with Google reCaptcha support

- Comes with 5 premade themes but you can edit them or build as many as you need using the powerful theme builder/editor

- Change both website and dashboard themes anytime

- Preview themes as you build them without affecting your site

- Note Taker for writing notes and saving pictures to use as drag-n-drop into the editor.

- Once installed you can manage your entire website from within the dashboards.



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Spectra Styles

Styles is something new for Spectra.  Styles work hand-in-hand with the themes.  The websites layout can be altered to not only change the colors but also the positioning of the content.  Layouts will include 1, 2, and 3 columns and styles are preconfigured layouts. They are: Newspaper, Magazine, Gallery, and Media.

So you see, Spectra is the right choice whether you have a small website or a really large website.  Visit the Screenshots Gallery to take a look.